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Property Development & Land Finance

Whether you’re looking for small residential development, sub divisions, commercial development or land development, we can help. Property development finance is our specialty.

Finance Your Next Development

In the early stages of development, there is a lot you need to juggle. From dealings with the council, certifiers, designers, trades people as well as balance your cash flow and sales. Let help with finance and take the load of you. 

We have access to all the major banks, secondary tier lenders and specialise in accessing private lenders that work with you.  We can help raise your finance to get the development done and get you moving faster. 

We work with a wide variety of loans: 

  • Land finance

  • Subdivisions financing

  • Construction from small scale up to multistorey complexes

  • Industrial sheds, offices and commercial premises

  • Investment properties

  • Private lending

John Stone is a leading expert in property development finance, amongst many other avenues of lending. Get in touch with John today to help secure your funds faster. 

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say:

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  • What Will Be My Repayments?

  • How Much is Stamp Duty?

  • How Much Extra Can My Repayments Be?

  • Can I Pay Off My Credit Card?


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